Sessional Examination Policies

Continuous evaluation and assessment is an integral part of teaching learning process.  It will provide the direction for delivering the quality education to stakeholder.  Hence to improve  the process of assessment and evaluation, following reforms shall be implemented for the B. Pharm and M. Pharm. programme from July- 2017.

1. There shall be two sessional examination for Pattaern-2017 will be conducted in each semester and the weightage of sessional examination shall be 15% for theory and practical courses (subjects), as per the syllabus structure. 

2. The sessional examination shall be conducted at the mid and end of the semester, on upto 50% of the total syllabus. The question paper for the sessional examination shall be of 30% marks as per the University syllabus structure. The question paper pattern for sessional examination shall consist of,

Q. 1. Objective type questions (30% weight age), which carry one mark each and it shall consist of questions such as fill in the blank, examples, expand the abbreviations, MCQ, draw structure, IUPAC name, answers in one sentence, match the pair, etc.

Q.2. Short answer type question of 2 or 3 marks each (30% weightage). There shall be up to 40% option.

Q.3. Long type questions of 8 marks each (40% weightage). There shall be 50 % option for this question.


The question paper pattern for sessional examination for B. Pharm (Pattern-2017)

I. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) = 10 x 1 = 10


 Objective Type Questions (5 x 2) = 05 x 2 = 10

(Answer all the questions)

I. Long Answers (Answer 1 out of 2) = 1 x 10 = 10

II. Short Answers (Answer 2 out of 3) = 2 x 5 = 10


Total = 30 marks

10 marks allocated at the end of the course for Continuous mode of Internal Assessment shall be awarded as per the scheme given in syllabus structure.

3. Question paper pattern shall be uniform for all the subjects and shall be same for both divisions. Two or more subject teachers, teaching the same subject to both divisions shall frame the question paper.

4. Considering the outcome based education system (OBE) it is highly recommended that the questions asked in the sessional question paper are aligned with the Course Outcome (CO).     

5. To encourage the use of ICT practices, the teacher shall submit the question paper on line to examination department on email id: at least one day before the commencement examination. The subject teacher shall ensure on the day of examination the correctness of question paper at least half hour before the commencement of examination.

6. For the smooth conduct of the examination, the Invigilator shall be proactive and shall report to exam control room at least 15 min. before the commencement of examination. He shall be responsible for collections of answer books and stationary material required for smooth conduct of examination. All the stationary issued to invigilator shall be submitted back to examination control room after the completion of examination.

7. The cases of malpractices during sessional examination shall be handled by duly constituted committee which consists of examination In-charge, Invigilator and HOD of concern subject. The necessary action shall be taken against the defaulter as per the rules and regulation of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University for conduct of examination.

8. To declare the results of sessional examination speedily and for analysis of result by the exam department, the examiner/subject teacher shall submit the assessed answer papers within one calendar week after completion of sessional examination, failing which necessary action shall be taken. Before submitting the assessed answer books the subject teacher shall show the answer books to students and take their signature on the answer paper. The marks of sessional examination shall be sent to in duly approved format by filling all the information correctly on the marks-sheet and shall be sent to examination department through e-mail and submit a hard copy along with assessed answer papers. No corrections will be entertained after this submission. It is the responsibility of the examiner/subject teacher to submit the correct and final marks.    

9. The marks obtain in the sessional exams and in continuous evaluation shall be considered as internal assessment marks [as per the syllabus structure] and shall be communicated to the University before commencement of semester examination.

10. Students enrolled in Pattern-2017 and failed in University examination shall have the opportunity to improve performance only once in the sessional examination component of internal assessment. The Improvement sessional exanination for such students shall be conducted along with the sessional examination.

11. The students shall remain present at least 15 min. prior to the commencement of the examination in the exam hall. No student shall be allowed to attend the examination failing which he/she shall disqualify for appearing in that examination.

12. The students should be present in Uniform for the examination. Use of Mobile Phone is strictly prohibited in the college premise.

13. 80% of the attendance shall be compulsory for appearing in the respective sessional examinations.

14. A writer (scribe) or 30 minutes additional time will be provided to the Specially able students (Eye or Hand; 40% or more disabled) as per the University provision. The student needs to apply to the Principal with proper documents.

15. Assessment and evaluation of practical work shall be based on the day to day practical performed by students in laboratory. The day to day evaluation shall be based on parameters like practical performances, viva voce and attitude during practical work, etc. The internal practical marks shall be compiled by the Senior subject teacher of respective division conducting the practical and shall communicate to examination department in the approved format at the end of the semester examination along with sessional theory examination marks. 

Sessional exam for practical for B. Pharm Pattern-2017 shall be conducted along with theory sessional examination for 40 marks and shall be computed for 10 marks.

Question paper pattern for practical sessional examinations

I. Synopsis = 10

II. Experiments = 25

III. Viva voce = 05


Total = 40 marks

16. Tutorial is the instructional activity that provides step by step information in presenting a concept or learning unit.  Tutorials are generally intended to help students to gain a deep understanding of the subject matter in their discipline. Discussion in tutorials helps students to see the significance and implications of their knowledge so they can apply what they have learned in new contexts. Tutorial develop student’s basic academic skills such as identification and evaluation of relevant resources, effective communication both orally and in writing, effective time-management, critical self-assessment. It enables students to pursue their individual academic interests within the context of the subject.

17.  Tutorials shall be planned for each lesson unit by teacher and informed to students during or after completion of lesson unit. It is expected that each lesson unit shall have the tutorial. There shall be two tutorials in each semester on at least 80% of the total syllabus. The first tutorial shall be completed and submitted to the concern teacher at mid of the semester and second tutorial shall be completed at least 15 days before commencement of sessional examination. The tutorials shall be subdivided and shall be numbered as Tutorial NO. 1a, Tutorial No. 1b ……, Tutorial No. 2a, Tutorial no. 2b………so on. The tutorials shall be considered only if it has been written in the tutorial book provided by college.

18. The tutorial should be completed in the regular Practical as per the academic schedule. The assessment and evaluation of tutorials shall be done simultaneously by the subject teachers. After successful completion and submission of tutorial books, it shall be   certified by respective teacher. After satisfactorily certification the teacher shall awards marks out of 10 for each tutorial. Duly certified tutorial books shall be submitted to department by individual students.

19. Any other activity during the theory examination should be consulted and pre-intimated to the examination In-charge for the co-ordination and smooth conduct of the examination.

20. Sessional examinations shall be held as per the institute calendar.

21. Examination duty/work shall be mandatory to all faculty members. In case of emergency it is an individual’s responsibility to adjust the examination duty with other faulty member after prior permission of the Principal. The faculty member going for leave shall perform his/her adjusted duty after joining. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken if disobey or disregard of examination work/duty.

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