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Plants have been one of the important sources of medicines ever since the dawn of human civilization.  With all advancement in the field of drug research plant source decorates prime position both in modern as well as in traditional system of medicine. Most of the Pharmaceutical industries are plant based. Among the higher plants of medicinal value, only few of them have been investigated. Even lower plants and marine plants used in this regards are negligible. Thus, the knowledge yet to be gained and its application is much more than what has been accomplished.

Now a day’s plant based pharmaceutical products, cosmetics food flavors and natural colors are of higher attraction globally. There is a definite trend to adopt plant-based products due to cumulative derogatory effects resulting from the use of antibiotics and synthetics; and except for a few cultivated crops, the availability of the plant-based materials is mainly from the natural sources like forest and wastelands. But, due to the ever increasing devastation of the forest and the concurrent indiscriminate exploitation of the crops, their availability from natural sources has declined. There is a need to introduce medicinal plant cultivation into the cropping systems of the country, which, besides meeting the demand of the industry, will also help to maintain the standards on quality, potency and chemical constituents. The folk medicines of almost all the countries of the world abound in the medicinal plants and tribal people wherever they exist, rely chiefly on herbal medicine, even today.

 “To Rescue Man from the Clutches of Disease is a Duty, Sacred and Obligatory, from Time Immemorial”

To achieve this there are several systems of medicine practiced in the world, every system with its own basis, philosophy and therapeutics, but with one common objective that is Health for all. These systems, basically differing from each other, cannot be discounted as obsolete. They are as scientific as modern medicine if one cares to find out and work on them without prejudice.

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